Australia is considered as one of the most popular destination for international students from all around the world. Many high ranked universities that are specialized in different fields are distributed all around the country. The wide variety of courses and degrees that the Australian universities offer help students to choose the right field and university that match their interest. 

Students might experience culture shock and some difficulties in getting involved with the environment and living the culture; however, this transition can always be eased through socializing and participating in different activities. 

At beginning of a student’s journey in studying abroad, many challenges regarding the language might be faced, because you have come to Australia without that much knowledge about English in general and the Australian accent specifically, so the first part of starting the journey is to begin with learning English and memorizing many vocabularies to assist you communicating with others. Students get used to communication and socializing after few months, which makes the language’s barrier a temporary issue that can be easily solved. The key to overcome this barrier as quickly as possible is to practice the language with the native people, friends and other people from different backgrounds and never fear to make a mistake, because making mistakes is the key to success.  The academic skills that you need to have in order to keep a consistence performance at the university are all gained in the English course, which makes it an essential priority and not a waste of time as many students might tell you.