The recent jobs require adequate skills and experiences that the employees must have. To be in this competition and get the dream job, everyone should apply to an internship as soon as they get the opportunity. The internship is defined as an opportunity of working and volunteering to achieve learning goals that will be actively reflected on his/her experience (Australian internship 2019). Moreover, most of the universities offer their own student’s internship program, so they can improve their skills and enhance their experience. Internships are divided into two parts: unpaid jobs, which allow students to work about 100-150 hours as a maximum. The student can undertake this internship during the semester or the study breaks (vacation), as the students should complete 200 credit points in the university study with a good academic standing to get a better chance in obtaining an internship in most of the universities. The second type of internships is called “international internship”, which is a program that is provided by the university with other partner universities. In this program, the students will be swapped between the universities to exchange learning experiences and knowledge.