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Social Events

What a better way to have some off-study time and refresh yourself than attending social events. As the benefits of getting the students sit together for the sake of having fun and discuss what they’re up to! Not only
does this stimulate the bonding, support and playfulness of the members, but will also encourage teamwork, where life challenges shift from ‘striving to be number one’ to working toward a mutual goal – thanks to social activities! During 2018 we have organized plenty of social events with everyone in mind.

Sport Events

The sports activities keep the members of the society active all year long. The society organizes weekly football sessions, sport days which are OSSWA indoor soccer competitions for three days, OSSWA outdoor soccer competitions, volleyball league, marathon, female sport day and other sport activities in open days.

Cultural Events

The cultural activities in OSSWA for 2018 were diverse and played a major part in both social and sport events. This comes from the Society’s vision to promote the Omani Culture and reflect the Islamic values we raised upon. The cultural activities extend to organizing competitions among the students and their family members as the Cultural day that was hosted in Murdoch University. As well as Cultural events and cultural competitions in conjunction with other sport, social events and Oman’s national day. Moreover, the Cultural show that was part of the Graduation Ceremony.