Curtin University of Technology is in Bentley, Western Australia. The old name was (WAIT) from the establishing year 1966 to 1986, then it is changed to Curtin which is the name of the prime minister of Australia from 1941-1945, John Curtin. It is the largest university in WA by having more than 56,662 students, around 49,634 of them are undergraduates, 8,878 postgraduates, and more than 1,866 academic stuff. 

The common majors at Curtin are: 

-Agriculture, Environment and Sustainability. 

-Architecture and Construction. 

-Arts and Creative industries. 

-Business, Management and Law. 

-Culture, Languages and Indigenous. 


-Engineer and Mining. 


-IT and Computing. 

-Physical Science and Mathematics. 

Curtin is one of the top 9 universities in Australia, and 151- 200 in the world universities ranking in 2018