Australia is one of the most popular countries around the world. There are four reasons that people like Australia: first reason its location, second, it’s weather, third the gorgeous places around Australia, lastly the strong education. Australia comes as sixth biggest country in the world, the area of Australia on total is 7,686,850 km^2. Furthermore, In Oceania between Indian ocean and the south Pacific Ocean Australia is located and it has no land borders. Secondly, Australia weather acts differently in eight states around Australia, four seasons across most of the country which are: Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. The weather in Perth is different in the four seasons for example in the summer the maximum temperature degrees is 31.6 .From December to February, the minimum temperature degrees is 16.9 and the average rainfall is 10-15 in the Summer. The Autumn in Perth has maximum temperature degrees of 28.1 from March to May . Moreover, minimum temperature degrees is 12.9 and the average rainfall is 41 from March to May .The winner in Perth is from June to August with maximum temperature degrees of 17.9 and minimum temperature degrees of 8 and the rainfall average is 159 .The Spring is from Semester to November with maximum temperature degrees of 22.6 and minimum temperature degrees of 10.2 and average rainfall of 45 . Thirdly there many beautiful places in Perth , the most popular places are : Rottnest Island , Swan Valley, Fremantle , Pinnacles Dessert sunset, Optus Stadium, Margaret River , Busselton , Mandurah , Perth city and Elizabeth Quay .lastly , The education in Australia is powerful and certificated from around the world. The universities in Australia have been rated as one of the most strong universities around the world such as: Sydney university, UNSW and UWA