Cultural Diversity

WA has a population of approximately 2.2 million people, almost one tenth of Australia’s total population. WA is also one of the most diverse culture mix state in the world, with more than 10% of the State’s population are from non-English speaking countries.

Most universities offer prayers facilities for all religions. Also, there are a number of Masjids that can be found around the city. For more information on the locations visit Masjid in Perth

There are a range of halal restaurants, bakeries, butchers and more in Perth. For more information visit AussieMuslim



WA offers a range of residential accommodation including university accommodation (for students only), flats, units, semi-detached housing and stand-alone housing. The median weekly rent is $300 for a two bedroom apartment. There are various possible options available for students studying in WA.

  • University accommodation: In most universities the accommodations are walking distance to the university.  (for more details go to studying in WA and click on the relevant university accommodation page)
  • Home stay: Living with a local family. Living in Home Stay varies, you may share the room with other international students or have a private room. Most universities housing department is able to assist you in this type of accommodation. (for more details go to studying in WA and click on the relevant university accommodation page)
  • Renting alone/sharing with other students: you may wish to live in your own accommodation or share with one of your friends or colleagues. To search rent accommodation  pelase visit

Living Expenses

It can be quite difficult for new students travelling abroad for the first time to deal with day to day expenses. Whether you are supported by your families or sponsored by the government or private company. You should keep in mind that a typical “basic” monthly budget may include the following:

  • Accommodation (e.g. weekly rent)
  • Electricity, water and gas
  • Food and groceries
  • Phone and internet
  • Transport (car or public transport)
  • Clothing and entertainment
  • Health costs (e.g. insurance)



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