Second Open Day On 14/5/2016




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First Open Day in 2016

The OSSWA has organized its first open day in 2016. Arabs from different nationalities have attended the event and everyone was happy with the sport and cultural competitions. Lunch was served for everyone.


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Cultural Event-2014 “Get To Know Oman”



OSSWA have organized a small exhibition on 28/03/2014 at ECU university with coordination of Ministry of Tourism of Oman which have attracted many Australian and Arab students. It represents some Omani traditional handicrafts and posters and booklets about Oman were distributed freely to all exhibition visitors

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Below are some photos of the event:

OSSWA Annual Gathering 2014 at Muscat


Annual Gathering was conducted in the summer vacation at Oman-Muscat-Bait hafa Hotel on 25/01/2014. The Gathering is the 4th which was sponcered by Curtin, Edth crown universities and study perth. And some organization and companies based in Oman. The sponsor of the gathering for this year was honoured by Dr.Mohammed Alsulaimi (Ministry of higher Education).

OSSWA conducts a yearly gathering at Sultanate of Oman that aims to gather all members the previouse with present and the new comers who wish to study in western Australia and it invites different governmental and local organisations representatives to introduce them to OSSWA as non-profit and volunteering organization which looks for external supportive resources in order to proceed its goal that dictated for the Omani students recreation, keeping them united and support them during their study stay at WA.

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Below are the photos of the event:

-Dr Mohammed AlSulaimi (Honour of the concert)

-OSSWA President-2014-dr.Adnan Alwahsi awarded Dr.Mohammed Alsuleimi:

OSSWA President Speech Dr. Adnan AlWahshi:


WA universities Sponsors Speech:


Culture competition and Sponsors Awards:





Thanks to all sponsors for their support and to all participants who made the gathering wonderful and successful.


BHP Billiton Ramble

OSSWA members took  the opportunity to join the BHP Rumble on Sunday October 9th 2011. Three OSSWA teams attempted to solve various questiuons & challenges at checkpoints located at well-known landmarks and secret locations across the City of Perth – similar to the Amazing Race….The teams enjoyed and are looking forward for the next rumble event.