Strategic Planning & Management Skills Course

DSC05767 The Omani Students Society Of Western Australia (OSSWA) organized a workshop, steered by Professor Mohammed Kader ( ).
The workshop was open to all OSSWA members, university students and the public for special low fee !
Participation of over 45 students from bachelor degree students, MIMG_20140517_3Sc and  PhD students was great.
The workshop benefited all attendees with understanding and hand’s on cases on strategic planning for any organization and at a personal level along with how to be leader.

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Participants Comments and views:

DSC05768Engineer / Aeid Zafiri – Director of Arab Strategic Institute – Perth: The Omani students Society -West Australian are unique  among the Arab Societies of western Australian and their efforts to organize such courses scientific basis and is also being sought for gathering of the Arabs and their families for the exchange of knowledge and acquaintance social harmony which we really appreciate and been grateful to thank them for it and looking for it again and again in the future.

Salem Saeed Al Kindi: PhD – Curtin University / Perth: Today we witness the  Omani students society of the Westeren Australian efforts, which represents the quality of the services provided aiming to boost up the level of knowledge of its members, through providing the valuable training and courses as a process of sharing information and knowledge. Perhaps the process of strict regulation of the cycle of strategic planning and skills and  the mechanism or policy pursued by the organizing and in the selection of the content of those sessions, I personally think that they have succeeded in the selection of the content of the sessions and content, through appropriate content for various scientific disciplines and humanity, and we can say that these courses suit with the student and the labor market. On the other hand, organizing this course did not restrict this kind of educational activities for its members, but also on the rest of the students from non-members in the society, which can prove to us how the society assure the importance of cooperation with others The principle benefit of others, as well encouraging Omani students to engage with the rest of the students of non-Omani. Repeating such courses and educational activities are good to be included in the yearly goals.

Nasser Al Hinai / Master – Petroleum Engineering – Curtin University / Perth: training course organized by the Omani Students Society West Australian had a big role hone the talents of young people in  strategic directors and successful leadership as the session was a two-stages first addressed the strategic management of the institution and the importance of a Strategic Director with the general manager to proceed and ensure the sustainability of the institution or organization in the market as well as the impact of the five factors in the continuity of the work of the company in the presence of  competitors in the market. The second stage dealt with successful leadership in institutions and companies, as well as four types of personalities exist in humans and what this character appropriate in order to be a good management. In fact, doubtlessly, we do encourage the new up coming management of OSSWA to add such courses in the yearly plan.